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Is this the best SEO event of all time?

We Did It Again! NFG is Taking Over Greensboro for the 2nd Year in a Row! (Oct 20-21)

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Join us in Greensboro at the Proximity Hotel (October 20-21)

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      The Takeover Continues...


      Hey There! Brad here on behalf of the entire NFG Crew!

      If you were one of the select few members who were able to attend an NFG Event the last few years then you know how special this is going to be. The reason being is that Mike Pearse (AKA one of the greatest SEO practitioners on the planet) and I always promise that we will absolutely not (and I mean this 200%) host another event UNLESS we are able to top the last one, which gets harder and harder every single year.

      Well guess what…. We are going to be able to deliver big time this year because we have been working nonstop to develop a few key systems that will help attendees scale their agencies (selling the services to local and national businesses), affiliate sites (promoting various products online), and PPL empires (selling calls and form submits to local and national companies) like you wouldn’t believe.

      Now, last year Mike and I had some Online Juggernauts, but this year…

      The Deck is Officially Stacked!

      You see, the only way to keep topping yourself year after year is to bring in the absolute best (The SEO/SEM practitioners who are so far ahead of the curve it's not even funny). And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We found the undeniable cream of the crop when it comes to SEO and online marketing. And I can tell you, I’ve personally taken my game to the next level over the last year by working personally with each and every one of these guys – even a small tweak can make a HUGE difference in your ability to deliver.

      So who are we bringing to the table?

      Jordan Pearce

      Jordan (the guy we call The Underground King) has been trekking through the toughest niches on the planet for over 10 years, dominating the entire way. After releasing GMB Master Academy and absolutely changing the way the industry looks at map ranking, Jordan decided to join us in Greensboro to reveal some never before seen GMB Hacks.

      Jordan Pearce, GMB Master Academy
      Kyle Roof

      As an On Page Black Belt and regular presenter at the respected SEO Rockstars conference and a well-regarded speaker on SEO, Kyle also runs the Search Intelligence Agency (SIA), a community of over 150 SEO professionals.

      Kyle Roof, High Voltage SEO
      Victor Smushkevich

      Known as a backlinking Savant, Victor has been able to quickly expand his Agency and SEO white label empire. By simplifying and systemizing his outreach process he is able to run his empire virtually hands free.

      Victor Smushkevich, SEO Guest Posts
      Josh Bachynski

      Josh basically lives in an SEO testing lab and is coming to Greensboro to dispel ALL of the SEO myths floating around out there that are distracting you from the ultimate goal (ranking and making money).

      Josh Bachynski, Google Insider
      Brad & Mike

      Mike and I have been all about building/systemizing our agencies over the past year, developing SOPs that will help you actually step away from your business (if you want to) by putting the right cogs in place and letting the machine run itself.

      Brad & Mike, NFG SEO
      Angel Cruz

      Angel is an SEO Jedi Master. The stuff I’ve seen him do (publicly and privately) is nothing short of amazing!

      Angel Cruz,

      Even more mind blowing presenters will be added in the very near future.

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      Get in early or don't get in at all....

      As always, due to the high level of support provided before and after the event we will be enforcing a strict attendance polity. Once the last ticket is sold we will have to slam the doors shut so hop on early if at all possible.


      What's Included at NFG Greensboro 2018?

      • Full Membership Area

        We want everyone to come to the event as prepared as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to create a full set of background training so we can REALLY get into the good stuff at the event. The members’ area will include a full set of training videos designed to pull anyone who is newer to SEO to the front of the pack as well as teach some veterans a few new tricks.

      • Advanced SEO Tactics

        Since the core training is out of the way, we will be able to jump right into the most advanced SEO training out there, providing tactics and diagrams that have allowed us to easily rank clients (and our own properties) over and over again.

      • Power Links the Right Way

        On page is fantastic (and doing it right will save you a ton of money), but at the end of the day links still push rankings. If you want to operate in the big boy niches then you absolutely need them. We will be showing the what, why, and how so you know exactly what to do for each campaign. HINT: You absolutely don’t need PBNs to rank. 😉

      • Systemizing National

        Local clients are great, but they can be hard to deal with sometimes. When building our agency we always focus on larger, national clients. But what do you do for someone paying you $20K+ every month? How can you handle that kind of work load? It’s really pretty easy… And we will be breaking it down step by step in Greensboro!

      • Skype Access

        Everyone attending the event will receive access to our private skype group where we will be providing pre and post event support which will be crucial to ensure the highest success rate possible.

      • On Page Trickery

        What if you knew EXACTLY what to do when it comes to on page? Knowing the exact on page formula (simple math) will allow you to debut in the serps higher and rank for much larger keyword sets.

      • GMB/PPL Hacking

        Hands down, the best way to bring in local leads is through maps. Once that is mastered you can start a PPL (Pay Per Lead Empire) or demand more money from clients. We will be showing some of Jordan’s never before seen local hacks that I guarantee you do not want to miss.

      • The Silver Bullet

        I can’t even say what this tactic is or what it’s about, but just believe me when I tell you that it will be worth the price of admission. I can say that last year’s Silver Bullet blew some minds though!

      • SEO Myth Busting

        There’s a TON of mis-information out there from people who really don’t know what they are doing (sad, but true). We are going to cutting through the BS with empirical data collected by the team.

      Stop Messing Around and Join Us in Greensboro....

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          Alex Gould Speaks Out

          Simply the Best! Mike Pearse is the best technical SEO in the industry today. This guy knows more about SEO than anyone else I know.

           Marco Benavides
          Marco Benavides Semantic Mastery

          Not sure if this is allowed but seriously wanted to shout out to Jordan Pearce! He has helped us with our GMB local SEO so much. A while back I posted about issues I was having, he helped me sort them and then went above and beyond to help us rank. I thought I had done everything there was to do but he gave me so much more information. We are now consistently ranking for local GMB. Highly recommend his services to anyone.

          Lauren Costanzo
          Lauren Costanzo GMB Client

          Deborah Speaks Out

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          We Practice What We Preach!

          Unlike a number of gurus out there we actually implement what we teach. I’m talking 10 hours or more a day, 7 days a week we are in the lab building affiliate, PPL, and client websites designed to make everyone a stack of cash. Don’t believe me? Just take a look…

          But Can We Rank? You Know It!

          Getting results for clients by focusing on KPIs that matter

          Have Questions? Join the Skype Q-n-A room.

          If you use what we show you, I don't see how you won't add to your bottom line.

          I can't guarantee your success, but I can tell you this - If you're just HALF as successful as virtually all of our current and past students, then I know you are going to be VERY successful.


          Have Questions? Join the Skype Q-n-A room.

            Refund policy: Up until 2 weeks prior to the event, those who purchase tickets via the links above may receive a refund for all but a $300 deposit (That deposit covers the expense we incur in processing the original payment and refund). After October 7th, sales are final and no refunds may be given. We look forward to seeing you in Greensboro at what will be a badass SEO and traffic generating event!

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