Recovering from the Fred Update

I recently ran a test on a site that had been hit by the Fred Update that dropped about a month or so ago. As you can see in the above image the site has fully recovered and is actually a spot or two higher than before the update hit.

Here’s the rundown…

About the Site: I had the site lying around as a test site. It’s an EMD that had been on page 2 for a nationally based, top 20 cpc term for about a month and a half (the site is only 3 months old total – registered on January 19th). I had done some quick entity building and dripped out a few expired domain links up until Fred.

The Drop: The site was holding steady for about a month and a half then in early March (right around when Fred hit) it dropped dramatically to the 60s and kept bouncing from the mid 40s – 60s.

What Was Done: Luckily this was pretty much the only site that I’m tracking that was hit by Fred so I thought it’d be a good test to see if I could get it back with minimal effort. What I did was picked up another relevant ED (expired domain), thew it up, waited for it to index, linked to my EMD, then linked to the ED with some relevant 2.0s. That’s it. I’m too lazy to do any more than that on a test site that I really don’t care about. haha

Results/Timing: It took about a week or so for the links to start to kick. Once they did I saw a steady increase (40s to 30s to 20s) and now I am actually a spot or 2 higher than pre-Fred at 15. My hope is the linking I’ve already done will continue to push the site and I can hit page 1 with no extra effort and a little patience.

Note: If you are in the Mastermind that Jimmy, Mike and I run then you will get the full rundown of what was done to recover the site (how I set up the anchor, how I set up the 2.0s, etc) in the near future.