How to Rank With No Links (Template Included)

rank with no links

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Brad here on behalf of the entire NFG Crew!

Before I dive into ranking with no links (the reason you clicked through to read this email) I wanted to send out a quick reminder that NFG SEO Greensboro tickets (where we have completely stacked the deck and plan to revolutionize the industry yet again) are going fast so I’d hop on now if at all possible. Realistically, if you don’t come away from this event making more money with your agency or PPL empire then something is wrong and you’re just not applying what you’ve learned. Don’t be an ask-hole: stop asking and start applying.

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So… How the hell do you rank with no links?

Since I started SEO people have been asking that and chasing the answer, paying gurus who act like they know what they’re doing for the next big hack. And I’ll admit it: I was one of them.

Why? Because people think link building is “hard,” but realistically people are lazy (myself included sometimes). We don’t want to set up a bunch of PBNs. We don’t want to take the time to set up social profiles, directories, or 2.0s. Shit, we don’t even want to take the time to train a VA to do it. Ha

So what’s the alternative? Ranking with no links. That’s why people are always chasing it. It sounds sexy. It sounds like it should be a secret. It sounds… EASY.

And at the end of the day it is (if you know how). And here’s the secret – It’s all about solid on page. That’s it! No tricks, no hacks. Just solid on page! In fact, I’ll give you my blueprint below. 😉

Here’s My Rank Without Links Template

  • URL: Should include your main keyword if at all possible. This can be tricky if you’re working on a client’s site sometimes, but do the best you can and DEFINITELY include it if you’re building new pages. Also, keep it short if you can.
  • Title: Should include your primary KW, but written as a CTA for improved click through so you make sure to stick to the top. A few things I’ve fund that help include phrasing it as a question (What’s the best way to burn fat?) or include a number (7 Tips to burn fat). I’m not in the weight loss niche so I’m sure those are shit, but you get the point.
  • H1: Include your main KW or a close LSI, written in a different format than your title. A lot of times I try and make this engaging as well in order to reduce bounce rate.
  • H2-4: Use this to sprinkle in LSI terms and keep the reader engaged throughout the article. Also, use it to structure the article (like an outline) to make the article easier for search engines to understand.
  • Bold/Italic: I like to randomly bold/italic my primary terms as well as supporting terms throughout the article. You can get more scientific with this, but if you make it a point to do it throughout every article then that’s good enough in my opinion.
  • Content Length: This really depends on the competition/term. If you’re going up against articles that are 2K-3K words then you better bite the bullet and get it done. If you’re local and it looks like all you have to do is 3-400 then you should be good sticking to that.
  • Call to Actions: Everyone forgets about CTAs and they suffer because of it. We’ve been able to increase client revenue in month one (by more than they were paying us actually and we’re not cheap) just by placing “Call Now” buttons throughout the article. It’s simple, but effective so do it.

And that’s pretty much it! I’ve been able to rank top 5 national CPC terms in as little as three weeks (and as recent as last month) using solid on page. No tricks, no hacks.

Now, all that being said, there is a little more to it, but it’s hard to cover everything in an email. What I’ve included above will put you well ahead of most of the hack chasers.

If you DO want more (and why wouldn’t you?) you should definitely join us in Greensboro. We will have Kyle Roof (from Page Optimizer Pro) and Ted (from Cora) absolutely throwing down and going through their scientifically proven on page/correlation strategies showing you (literally over the shoulder) how easy SEO can be when you get your on page right as well as some never before seen tactics.

So… sign up here for NFG Greensboro if you haven’t already (remember 2-pay will be going away shortly and we will be sticking to our strict attendance policy as always) and start putting the above on page template to good use – don’t think, just do!

All the Best!