Playing Digital Monopoly?

Hey Hey…

Brad here on behalf of the entire NFG Rockstars Team!

Before I get started, I wanted to send out a quick reminder (no arm twisting of course) that the early bird pricing for this year’s NFG SEO Rockstar Event will be going away this Tomorrow (September 12th) at Midnight because we are getting dangerously close to the room cap both for the main event as well as the VIP day (where you can personally get help on your campaigns in a classroom style setting from some of the top SEOs on the planet).

Of course, with the amount of firepower that we’re bringing to the table, almost any price would be worth it, but if you can get in early and save a few bucks (more money to spend at the hotel bar maybe haha) then why not, right?

Now… since we have that out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff!

Growing up, what was your favorite board game? Mine (by far) was monopoly (surprise surprise). I remember playing it with my grandma when I was little until she would start falling asleep and I would start robbing the bank. Haha

And it’s funny, I recently found out that my kid had been playing it at daycare and absolutely LOVED it. So guess what I did… We immediately ran over to Barnes and Noble and bought it so we could play at home.

So I’m sitting there playing and thought to myself: “Man, this is A LOT like what I do nearly every day with my PPL (Pay Per Lead) campaigns.” I build “Digital Assets,” people land on them, call the number, and I get paid. Just like Monopoly!

But in my opinion, it’s better. WAY better…

Here’s why – If you wanted to play monopoly in real life (like Robert Kiyosaki suggests in Rich Dad Poor Dad) there are some HUGE barriers to entry. You have to find real estate, come up with a down payment, get a loan, manage tenants, blah, blah, blah…

But… If you’re doing it all online guess what? You don’t need that much money at all to build an asset that will pay you each and every month. And there’s hardly any upkeep. The only upkeep I have on my PPL properties is to keep building so I can have even MORE digital assets. That’s pretty much it.

And if you know me, you know my two core principles are (1) keep everything as simple as possible and (2) once you find something that works start plugging and chugging!

And that’s what I love about PPL. I have a SIMPLE process that allows me to build assets (Digital Monopoly) that I am able to systematically repeat over and over to generate cash flow.

Does that sound like something you’d like to be able to set up?

Well…. You’re in luck! Because that is precisely my goal at this year’s NFG SEO Rockstars event (going down Oct 1-2). I want everyone to leave the event knowing how to play (and win) their own game of Digital Monopoly, especially for those who choose to come to the VIP day (because you’ll have the experts personally guiding and/or setting up your campaign).

So… Click through here to Join us in Anaheim BEFORE the early bird pricing goes away and start building your digital houses/hotels immediately!

Thanks for listening!