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Event Dates: October 20-21

Guess Who's Back - NFG SEO Live Round 2! Oct 20-21

NFG SEO is taking over Greensboro NC - If you were one of the select few members who were able to attend NFG Orlando last fall then you know how special this is going to be. The reason being is that Mike Pearse (AKA one of the greatest SEO practitioners on the planet) and I promised that we would not host another event UNLESS we were able to top the last one.

Well guess what…. We are going to be able to deliver big time this year because we have been working nonstop to develop a few key systems that will help attendees pull in traffic like never before and monetize that traffic whether they are focusing on Client (selling the services to local and national businesses), affiliate (promoting various products online), or Pay Per Lead (selling calls and form submits to local and national companies).

But This Time We Brought Back Up

Like I said we ALWAYS try and top ourselves and this year is no different. But in order to do so we wanted to bring in some REALLY big guns. That’s why this year we are bringing in Steve Fantasia (hands down the most advanced, effective Facebook Ads ninja I know). Steve (much like Mike and myself) has been able to build a huge agency past 6 figures within just a few months.

Look… We all love SEO, but at the end of the day what a client or affiliate manager really cares about (or should if they’re smart) is targeted traffic and a ton of leads. And that is exactly what Steve is bringing to the table this year - nearly instant targeted traffic that is almost infinitely scalable with his system. And (again much like the NFG crew) Steve only operates in the toughest niches (because that’s where the real money is) so every tactic he deploys is battle tested in the top 5 CPC niches available.

Keep in mind that Steve charges based on ad spend (which we will cover at the event) so that $116K you see above equates to $17.5K recurring profit for his agency (And that’s just one client). Plus, if you do any type of client work, PPL, or affiliate you’ll instantly be able to see how you can utilize these exact tactics to take your business beyond the next level.

With Fantasia's additional input we have designed a system that allows near instant ROI and is easily repeatable in any allowed Markets.  Coupling our Three Pillar system with Facebook, Retargeting and other Methods has allowed Mike and me to experience the fastest growth of our careers.

Practice What You Preach...

Unlike a number of gurus out there we actually implement what we teach. I’m talking 10 hours or more a day, 7 days a week we are in the lab building affiliate, PPL, and client websites designed to make everyone a stack of cash. Don’t believe me? Just take a look…

And this is the EXACT SYSTEM (the one we use to pull in high paying local and national clients and OVER deliver every time) we will be teaching at NFG Live 2017 in Greensboro North Carolina.

Stop messing around and join us in Greensboro...

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A strict attendance policy is in place due to the level of support provided.

Alex Gould Alex Gould, CPA Wealth Academy

This Stuff Really Works - What I learned from Mike changed the entire year for me and my family by adding income to my monthly reports.

Deborah Bradley Deborah Bradley, Boston SEO Geeks

It Was Awesome! They taught so much of real tangible value that I can take and use for clients and my own projects.

So... What's Included?

Full Membership Area: We want everyone to come to the event as prepared as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to create a full set of background training this year so we can REALLY get into the good stuff at the event. The members’ area will include a full set of training videos designed to pull anyone who is newer to SEO to the front of the pack as well as teach some veterans a few new tricks.

Advanced SEO Tactics: Since the core training is out of the way, we will be able to jump right into the most advanced SEO training out there, providing tactics and diagrams that have allowed us to easily rank clients (and our own properties) over and over again.

Traffic Generation Systemization: Even more important (at least in my opinion) that SEO is traffic generation. When you are able to systemize the way you generate traffic then you have the power to enter any niche (no matter the level of competition) and absolutely take over. It will also provide a ton of leverage and flexibility when writing contracts and negotiating with clients, allowing you to demand more money than ever before.

Micro Agency Building: Corey Rose is a master of funnel filling systemization and he will be showing us the never before seen tactics that he has used to repeatedly build hands off agencies that consistently generate almost 100% passive income that you can add to your overall business portfolio.

Advanced Facebook Training: Having managed well into the millions of dollars’ worth of ad spend, Steve has his Facebook tactics down to a science (I’ve seen him implement and it’s a thing of beauty). And he will be sharing some his best, easy to implement strategies that you can use to take your agency, PPL Empire, or affiliate earnings to the absolute next level.

Skype Access: Everyone attending the event will receive access to our private skype group where we will be providing pre and post event support which will be crucial to ensure the highest success rate possible.

The Silver Bullet: I can’t even say what this tactic is or what it’s about, but just believe me when I tell you that it will be worth the price of admission.

The Money Loop System

At the end of the day, what are you doing this for? To make more money, right? Now, we all probably have a different why (the reason we want to make money), but at the end of the day cash is still king. That is why we will be revealing (for the first time ever) how we systemize the way we operate our day to day activities in order to maximize the amount of money we are able to make each and every day, week and year.

Stop messing around and join us in Greensboro...

... And Start Cashing In A$AP!

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Tyler Davis Tyler Davis, Amaon Selling Expert

Beyond Excited - I'm finally seeing the potential power and holy crap this is going to be awesome!

Marco Benavides Marco Benavides, Semantic Mastery

Simply the Best! Mike Pearse is the best technical SEO in the industry today. This guy knows more about SEO than anyone else I know.

Cool... But can you rank?

Of course! Greensboro SEO is and always will be rooted firmly at the core of our business strategy and is our go to for generating revenue through clients, PPL, and affiliate ventures. Below are just a few of the results that we have personally achieved as well as a few highlighs from some of our students.

Ken Mitchel

Ken was stuck in his SEO efforts until we sat down and had a chat. He literally said during the meeting: "I really hope this is as easy as you say." Guess what.... it is. 🙂

Another One...

This local florist was BLOWN AWAY with the amount of rankings and traffic we were able to send her within the first two months of hopping on. Oh... and all of this was done without any additional link building.

And Another One...

I'm using this site to send additional traffic to a very high paying client in one of the most competitive niches imaginable. Again, no links....

And Another One...

These are my results from just a few sites using my mini net double dipper method where I get clients to pay me twice. As I add more sites this number will only continue to go up.

If you're on the fence, please watch this...

Stop messing around and join us in Greensboro...

If you use what we show you, I don't see how you won't add to your bottom line.

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Refund policy: Up until 2 weeks prior to the event, those who purchase tickets via the links above may receive a refund for all but a $300 deposit (That deposit covers the expense we incur in processing the original payment and refund). After October 7th, sales are final and no refunds may be given. We look forward to seeing you in Greensboro at what will be a badass SEO and traffic generating event!

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