The Difference Between a Client Agency and PPL Empire

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Brad here on behalf of the entire NFG Crew!

I hope by now you’ve had time to watch last week’s webinar where Jordan revealed a few of his top client landing strategies (please use those to grow your agency by the way) and one of his best ranking a GMB with no links tactics. If you missed it I’ll include a link to the replay below.

Also! By now you probably know that we announced the return of NFG Live where we are completely stacking the deck (with a who’s who of guests, keynote speakers, and never before seen tools and tactics designed to take your Agency/PPL Empire up a few damn levels).

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I couldn’t be more excited (pretty much giddy) about what we’ve been able to pull together this year. We’ve shifted the industry with the last two events (changing how people use PBNs in 2016 and how build look at agency building/incorporating Facebook in 2017) and this year will be even more monumental.

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So… What’s the difference between building an agency and a PPL Empire?

We get this question ALL the time – “I don’t want to build an agency, I just want to sell leads.” Or “I’d rather have a stable base of clients, screw PPL.” Or “will this GMB webinar cover PPL (or agency) strategies?” Everyone really seems to be confused what is what. And I blame that on the turds who sell junk courses because that’s the only way they can make money.

Well, the short answer is… there is virtually no difference! Building a client agency vs PPL is almost identical. The only slight variation is how you pitch/invoice it. But make no mistake, they are still clients and you should be doing everything within your power to increase their revenue because if they are making money then the odds that they will continue to pay you (whether they are on a retainer or paying per lead) DRASTICALLY increases.

Now, I see a lot of people trying to build entire agencies based on PPL or the “rank and rent” model. And I honestly think this is a mistake. Why? Because most of the people I’ve seen trying this fall flat on their face. The largest reason (in my opinion) is confidence either in their ability to SELL or RANK. A lot of people (me included) don’t really like talking to people they don’t know. So one solution is to not F-ing do it. That’s the wrong thing to do if you really want to make money. You need to get way the hell out of your comfort zone and start talking to people. Learn how to sell. Read a book, watch a youtube video, whatever.

And to those who aren’t sure in their ability to rank: just do it! We have a ton of free and paid material out there that teaches you everything you’ll need to rank. So there’s no excuse.

Which should you choose: Clients or PPL?

In my honest opinion, you should do both. I’ve personally made money with clients and selling leads.

Client money is great because it’s a guaranteed paycheck (completely cash flow positive) that you can hopefully count on for 6-12 months or longer. Plus, if you want to build something that you eventually plan to sell (which I highly recommend you do), then a robust client list will have buyers standing in line to pay a nice multiple.

On the flip side, I learned A TON from my PPL encounters. They allow you to test and learn what is really working. It also allows you to enter the big boy niches (highly competitive, very lucrative) that really make you dig deep and become a better SEO.

BUT…. At the end of the day you have to know how to rank, without a shadow of a doubt if you’re going to be successful. Now, I’m not talking SEO “hacks” that other gurus are selling because you can’t build a business (especially one you plan to sell) off of hacks. You need to know solid, proven SEO campaign strategies that will yield consistent (positive) results whether you’re building a Client Agency or PPL Empire or both.

And that is EXACTLY what will be covered at NFG Greensboro SEO 2018 – solid, proven (as in nothing from 2009 that USED TO or MIGHT work). We will be showing tactics backed by testing and real world exposure.

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